Forestry Combi Helmet – Orange – 8×12 Visor


* The product conforms to:
– Helmet: EN397 1995 0086 Class E, G&C, CE. Meets ANSI type 1,
– Ear Muffs: CE, EP-167, EN352-3 1997, ANSI S3.19
– Visor: CE, EN166:1995, EN1731:1995
* Conforms to all current European legislation
* Included in set are the helmet, earmuffs and visor
* Great value

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The helmet set comes with fully adjustable hearing protectors with extra soft cushioning, which easily rest in the ‘flip out’ position when not in use. The visor is tight fitting and has a nylon visor carrier which provides for effortless upward and downward movement.

The low glare mesh visor is designed for ventilation as well as protection. The visor is quick change for ease of cleaning and is supplied in hi-visibility orange.